Twelve weeks ago I became a grandmother again … for the third time. When I look into the darling face of our baby boy my insides go all gooey and my heart overflows with love. It’s such a special time!

Now, writing a book and bringing it to the point of publishing, is a totally different process, but I’m still excited about my new baby and hope the reader will be too. It’s quite different from the GOLDEN GIRLS SERIES because this time around it’s not about finding love but finding yourself and staying out of prison… with the help of a great guy, though. Who knows what’ll happen? 😉


We have a release date! 30 May 2019

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GIRL FROM THE TREE HOUSE is a psychological suspense novel featuring Elise, a thirty-two-year-old woman with multiple personalities, who fights for her sanity and freedom as she is falsely accused of murder. She has not only her alter personalities helping her–and sometimes get terribly in the way–but she also makes friends with Scott, a typical South Island wilderness guy, whose help becomes very precious to her. It all takes place on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, a harsh but hauntingly stunning region.


A few of the characters from the GIRL FROM THE TREE HOUSE have started a blog where they comment from their perspective to all things multiple … and the going on’s in the story. If you want to visit them, follow this link.

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