Tides of Love

Take my hand and never let me go…

Under the pretense of taking a vacation forensic psychologist, Christine Barnard has been searching for the last thirteen years for her husband whose plane went missing over the Pacific. Unwilling to accept he’s dead, she avoids serious relationships at all costs. After all, giving your heart away only ends up in loss and pain. 

Getting stranded on a remote Pacific Island isn’t half bad when you’re running away from your past. Plantation owner Jason Stone compensates for his survivor’s guilt by helping the people of Vanu Eleile to prosper. He’s also an expert in staying a bachelor although the new resort guest—who is both infuriating and tempting at the same time—challenges his resolve. 
As these two sworn bachelors decide on being friends with benefits—no strings attached—things start to happen that throws their well-thought-out plan into disarray. When the Lali drums call and the volcano rumbles, life will never be the same again.

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