Love is a leap of faith—and a little craziness.

Forensic psychologist Christine Barnard loves Gucci, exquisite food, expensive champagne, and sometimes indulges in a brief affair. In that order because no man really mattered since her beloved husband died twelve years ago. She has her loyal friends, her demanding work in Auckland… and the occasional blissful holiday on one of the beautiful Pacific islands. What more does a grown woman need? Feeling lonely? Not this tantalizing redhead. She’d learned the hard way that giving your heart away ends up in excruciating loss and pain.

Twenty years ago advertising genius, Jason Stone, fled from his life in London after a devastating accident he feels responsible for killing his wife and son. At the other end of the world, he founded a plantation and eco-resort on Vanu Eleile. Riddled with grief and guilt, he puts all his energy into helping the Islanders to prosper.

They are both diehard bachelors. During a night of drums and dance at the Island Festival, Christine has a spiritual revelation that puts her world on its head. The same night she and Jason find solace in each other’s arms—mind you, no strings attached!

It takes a drowning, an erupting volcano, and a poison attack for blinders to fall off their eyes. But even after declarations of love, Christine rejects his marriage proposal. Is a Happy Ever After out of the question for them?

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