Good Morning


How often do we say ‘Good Morning’ without realising how good this morning is? I know I do. Today is different. I am sitting in my bed, perched up in the cushions, and am struck by the beauty of the awakening day … fill my lungs with this beautiful morning.

There is something mystical about an ancient, open window that lets in a soft breeze, gently swaying the gauze curtain too and fro. It’s floral patterns mimicking the dance of the willow tree leaves in front of the window. It’s early. The sun has just climbed above the mountain range and goes about warming up the crisp air. The old grandfather clock down stairs starts its hourly dong. It’s 7 o’clock.

There is the cry of a cockerel in the distance, while doves call to each other on the neighbours roof. All sorts of birds tweeting and singing, some flattering by my window. Another cockerel – there seem to be a number of them around here. A faint smell of wood fire hangs in the air, some kitchen is getting warmed up with an early fire, or maybe an early riser is burning old wood piles in the backyard.

The little stream behind the house is dancing over stones as it has I assume for many hundred years, singing come and play with me. No, my friend, it’s too early for me. My bed is too cosy and warm to leave it just yet. A dog barks not far away and without fail a few others rise to the occasion and respond to his bark. Sounds are getting louder, cars passing by more frequently now, the town is preparing for a hot day. I will get up soon, just another whiff of this beautiful beginning.

I am in awe of the beauty of this morning. What a Good Morning. Maybe all mornings are that good if we just take the time and STOP and notice. Just stop and look around. Right now, this moment is perfect. Nothing is needed to add to its beauty.

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