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It all unraveled at the funeral… 

Horace Reid’s death opened the door to our freedom. His widow, Elizabeth, exists only on paper. She disappeared thirty years ago. It’s us, the Tribe, who live in her body now. But nobody knows that. Us are Elise, the reluctant host, Lilly the closer, Ama, the proverbial mother, Sky, our wise guide, Amadeus, the warrior, and Luke, the man around the house. There are others, but we make sure they stay hidden and away from harm.

After Horace’s funeral, they tried to lock us in a mental hospital. Our sister-in-law had it all carefully planned. Thanks to quick thinking—yes, being a multiple has its advantages—we escaped to New Zealand’s South Island. Tucked away in the West Coast wilderness we… well, the plan was to continue our healing. We didn’t expect that monsters from our past still had us on their radar. When the police accuse us of murder we have to run again. Where to go, which way to turn? Our neighbor Scott appears helpful, but can we trust him? Can we trust ourselves? Can we trust anyone?

The GIRL FROM THE TREE HOUSE is the first of a series of psychological thrillers set in current day New Zealand. It describes how Elizabeth, a thirty-two-year-old woman with multiple personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID), fights for her sanity and freedom. Four core personalities tell the story from the inside out, giving a touching insight into the workings of the dissociated mind. There are no graphic descriptions of abuse.


5***** What an incredible story! Stepping into the world of a person with multiple personalities was fascinating. This psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. Beautifully written, hauntingly powerful, and a true testament to the power of the human spirit. Highly recommended. (Leeanna Morgan, USA Today bestselling author, Bookbub)

5***** A compelling, cleverly crafted novel about someone with multiple personalities which manifests as Dissociative Identity Disorder. I could hardly put it down. Gudrun does a fantastic job of weaving a the threads of the main characters, that could only be so tactfully and realistically told through the insight of her professional expertise. Highly recommended read. (Amazon reviewer)

5***** This is a fascinating book about a woman, Elise, who has multiple personalities (DID). The story begins at the funeral of Horace, Elise’s husband, who was also her childhood guardian after both of her parents died. The chapters are cleverly written from different points of view from members of the Tribe following their escape and journey. Elise is the ‘default’ person. I couldn’t put this book down! I was intrigued by the Tribe and I cannot wait for the next book! Thank you to Ms. Frerichs and the publisher for a wonderful new series! Highly recommended. (Amazon reviewer)

5***** This is a difficult subject matter to tackle, and Gudrun does a fantastic job of doing just that. Weaving in her experience and understanding Gudrun brings the book to vivid life. The narrators are each fully formed individuals who reveal a complex and disturbing pattern of deceit and deception. But they are also a family, a tribe, and there is warmth, support and respect amongst them that reaches beyond the book’s pages. With a lush New Zealand backdrop, and local references this book is unique in its individuality. The pace kept me reading well past bedtime, and I finished my ARC copy in two sit downs.
I highly recommend reading this book. (Sandra, Goodreads)

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