A Case For Love ~ Book 2 in the Golden Girls Series

…true love never did run smooth

When her husband dies in a car accident, and Thea celebrates her freedom, suspicions run high. It might have something to do with a bunch of dubious—to say the least—subjects who suddenly show up in her cafè, or with the keys to mysterious safety deposit boxes. If only the annoying insurance snoop didn’t stick his nose in her affairs, all would be well.

But Mark isn’t scared away by a stroppy cafè owner. He had to deal with harder things in his life. Much harder. As an ex-police officer, he’s not taken in by an innocent face and has no problems showing it. Or does he? When bullets fly, the hunt for a missing daughter and a hidden fortune becomes even more dangerous… even nature throws the unlikely team a curveball and Mark has to make a difficult decision

A CASE FOR LOVE is the second book in the GOLDEN GIRLS Series featuring mature women and men. This romantic suspense that takes you on a wild chase for the truth throughout New Zealand.

A Case For Love is currently pulled from sale – it’s getting a new cover and a professional re-edit!!

I can’t wait to share the new version with you later this year.

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