Caring For Yourself

gudrunfrerichs (1)There is the saying “The bucket stops with you!” This is certainly true when it comes to caring for ourselves. Yes, I admit, it’s wonderful and yummy to be cared for by someone else. Everyone needs that and people don’t seem to prosper when they have nobody in their lives that cares about them. BUT the main carer will always have to be us. Unless we care about ourselves we seem to send out (unconsciously) signals that we are not worth caring about.

I have self-care given a lot of thought lately. Primarily because it is so darn important for our physical and mental well-being. I have actually a book coming out in about 4 weeks that addresses that issue in detail. In the meantime, get a sneak preview in my blog post “Caring for the Self.”  It’s published on my friend Mari Barnes website as part of my virtual blog tour. The great thing about these virtual book tours is that the author gets to ‘see’ a lot of cities one would not be able to visit otherwise. Today it’s Hammond, Indiana, very close to Chicago. I’ll take the opportunity to have a wee look around – thanks to Google and Google map 🙂 So, without further delay, hop over to Mari’s blog and have a look around. She has fantastic articles about self-care that might help you to start / or continue on this important journey.

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