Myths and Facts about Dissociative Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder


It is almost ten years since I started working on my book GIRL IN THE TREE HOUSE. Back then I stopped after a few months frustrated and discouraged. Somehow what I wrote didn’t feel right. What I read on paper looked like a hybrid between fiction and non-fiction. Weighed down by years of academic writing, I struggled with a piece that, in my eyes, had a serious identity crisis. “Am I a novel, a scientific paper, or an instruction manual?” As it turned out, it was none of them. Continue reading “Myths and Facts about Dissociative Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder”

Cover Reveal: Girl From The Tree House

I totally forgot how difficult it is to decide on a book cover. Going by my romance series THE GOLDEN GIRLS, that’s easy to see. After haven published the series with two different cover versions so far, I’m now thinking of giving it a ‘facelift’ from the cover artist who did my new novel GIRL FROM THE TREE HOUSE. Check out the cover she did for me. What do you think?

Continue reading “Cover Reveal: Girl From The Tree House”

Love, Sexual Abuse, and Mental Health

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Love, sexual abuse, and mental health are the main ingredients of the new book I’m currently working on. In my case, the love of the innocent that fuels survival, the abuse and disregard of some people who don’t hesitate to perpetrate crime on vulnerable people, and a mental health system that fails to deliver. Continue reading “Love, Sexual Abuse, and Mental Health”

Sixty is the New Forty?

More and more frequently you hear the phrase, sixty is the new forty. I guess that is supposed to be a compliment. At least it seems to say, that we look and behave younger than our parents or grandparents have at the same age.

Still, it means the point of reference is forty. Forty is cool, being like forty when you’re sixty, is a good thing. Having a skin like a forty-year-old is remarkable when you’re sixty. And so on. Although it’s quite nice if someone tells me I look nothing like my age, it gives me a bad taste in my mouth. I just don’t like the generous portion of ageism in that statement. Continue reading “Sixty is the New Forty?”

Why Writing Romantic Fiction with Mature Characters

Ever since I’ve been through all the Pippi Longstockings, the Karl May books (a German-style Western for youngsters), and matured through the rest of our tiny island’s library, I’ve been reading romance novels. I devoured them all my life.

Until a few years ago. I got bored with the flawless, beautiful, size ten, gorgeous, fashionable and funkily dressed young heroine. Yes, I remember those times… not very well anymore, but yes, I’ve been there, done that, and got the stretch marks to prove it. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t relate to these young girls anymore. And I would like to identify with the heroines I’m reading about and get lost in their worlds before I contemplate what to cook for dinner tonight. Continue reading “Why Writing Romantic Fiction with Mature Characters”

69 Challenges until November 2018 – win a free book

It will be my 69th birthday next year. Although I’m happy with my age (I mean it) the NUMBER is a little bit shocking. Some of it is of course just in my head, but some is real. Like not knowing where I put the car keys, being blind without my glasses, falling asleep in front of the TV… things like that.

I decided to make a big dash before I’m hitting the Seventies. Hence the 69 challenges. So challenge # 1 was to walk the Wellington Skyline. My Fitbit watch said I did 19 kilometres, but that sounds a bit steep giving it’s officially only twelve. Continue reading “69 Challenges until November 2018 – win a free book”

4 Weeks to Christmas

Zimtsterne ~ Cinnamon Cookies

Homemade cookies are a very traditional part of German Christmas. We start baking them just before the 1. Advent Sunday (4 Sundays before Christmas)

“Zimtsterne” cookies are one of my favourites. They are delicious and—glutenfree.

We have them for Sunday’s afternoon tea or bring them as gifts when we visit friends.

Try them out  ~ They are very easy to make! Happy baking… and let me know how you liked them.  Continue reading “4 Weeks to Christmas”

Books Can Change Lives

It took me years to find the books that changed my life in ways, nothing else has. I was a young mother with a 3 months old baby (said baby is today 44 years old) and had to seek refuge from a howling snowstorm with an older friend of the family. I still remember the scarcely furnished guest room. Over the bed, a little bookshelf was the only adornment in the room. I grabbed a book and read Breakfast at Six by Mary Scott. In German mind you, Mary Scott was famous in Germany! Go figure.

Our friend had a few more of her books and was friendly enough to let me borrow them. I loved the humorous stories of the life on a farm in the New Zealand backwaters. And forgot about it.  Continue reading “Books Can Change Lives”

Whispers Of Love: Baby Boomers Don’t Give Up

So, the third book in my Golden Series is now available on pre-order. If you want to know how Claudia is getting on with a ten-year-old orphan she’s taken under her wings, make sure you get a copy of WHISPERS OF LOVE. After the 20th of November, the price will return back to ‘normal’.

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans…

Connor Anderson leads a charmed life and knows exactly where he’s going. Men want to be him, women want to be with him, and Hollywood simply wants him. When he crashes his car in the backwaters of New Zealand on his way to the location of his newest film, it’s just an inconvenience. Right? Continue reading “Whispers Of Love: Baby Boomers Don’t Give Up”