Hi there,

Most people know me as a psychotherapist and trauma specialist. Sorry guys, I took that shingle down years ago. I am retired (it’s a blast, who would’ve thought) and, when I’m not writing or reading, I spend my days enjoying the slower pace of life. That includes long walks with Steffie, the rescue dog, and my new baby grandson, who is quickly becoming my favorite leading man.

It’s over thirty years now that we arrived in New Zealand and we  soon fell in love with jandals, beaches, the bush trails, BBQ’s, baches (Kiwi slang for holiday places at the beach), All Blacks, Silverferns, fish&chips, and the gorgeous, amazing, ever-changing landscape of New Zealand.

Over my twenty-five years working as a psychotherapist, I have seen incredible hardship and suffering AND incredible courage in the face of adversity. Women of all ages are amazing and have the capacity to overcome formidable obstacles. I’ve seen it over and over again.

I’m passionate about giving these women, most of them on the wrong side of forty, a voice because…

Older women, in general, are marginalized in our society the moment they drift toward the fifty mark. They are almost unheard of as leads in romantic fiction or movies as if we lose the need for love, care, affection, and (sexual) intimacy the moment we turn a ‘certain’ age.

Knowing that baby boomer women have not stopped loving, longing, dreaming of adventure, and yes, having sex, I’m eager to give them a voice and show the rich lives they lead. We know that of men, but somehow women fell through the gaps of our social awareness.

I write sassy women’s fiction with a dash of romance and a generous helping of suspense. My completed GOLDEN GIRLS series is about the pitfalls of relationships at a later stage of life. Spiked with plenty of romance, adventure, and suspense my books show heroines embarking on a second (or third) chance at finding love.

My next project(s) can be summed up as writing about women of our time. The first book GIRL FROM THE TREE HOUSE is already available on Amazon and on /KOBO/IBOOKS/NOOK. It tackles issues of mental health. Elise, a woman with multiple personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder) fights for her sanity and freedom as she is accused of murder.

So armed with a box of chocolates, a laptop, a cup of Earl Grey or the occasional glass of Merlot, I sit in my 100-year-old cottage, look over the Wainuiomata Hills, and amuse myself playing God by having the characters in my books overcome dangerous obstacles on the way to their Happy End. (Sorry, it has to be a happy end. Life is too short for anything else.)