69 Challenges until November 2018 – win a free book

It will be my 69th birthday next year. Although I’m happy with my age (I mean it) the NUMBER is a little bit shocking. Some of it is of course just in my head, but some is real. Like not knowing where I put the car keys, being blind without my glasses, falling asleep in front of the TV… things like that.

I decided to make a big dash before I’m hitting the Seventies. Hence the 69 challenges. So challenge # 1 was to walk the Wellington Skyline. My Fitbit watch said I did 19 kilometres, but that sounds a bit steep giving it’s officially only twelve.

My feet, though say it must have been 100 kilometres. I walked that track two weeks ago and they just stopped hurting. Nonetheless, I did 27.500 steps. Outch! All in preparations for my BIG challenge in May next year walking part of the Camino del Norte, but that’s a different story to tell another time (when I’m actually walking the 240 kilometres in 12 days!).

It’s actually hard to come up with 69 challenges. I made a list and had to stop at number 15, but it’s really not a challenge to eat nothing but chocolate desserts for a day. I would be grateful, though, for suggestions. Feel free to use the comment section to share your ideas.

I’ll put all the suggestions into a jar

and chose one to receive

a free copy of  WHISPERS OF LOVE every week!


2 thoughts on “69 Challenges until November 2018 – win a free book

  1. -Complete a great walk
    – jump into the Wellington harbor
    – find 69 caches in 69 days
    – get your motor bike licence
    – do a nice thing for someone else
    – volunteer at an event

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