Unlock Your Creativity: Virtual Book Tour

origin_2565021865What is creativity? Isn’t that an interesting and intriguing question? I believe that creativity can be found in many people and in many activities. Some say it’s the use of imagination to create something or produce something. THAT ‘something’ can be anything, starting from certain products on one hand to a lot of ways of expressing our way of ‘Doing Life!’

Today I am exploring how to unlock one’s creativity as part of my virtual Book Tour by visiting the blog Savvy Self Growth of my South African author-friend, Liesel Teversham. You can read there my take on some steps towards living one’s creative sides more fully. Of course, as always, my thoughts are grounded in my understanding of the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness. – Of the four steps announce became five steps, and I am sure everyone who reads this can find yet another step that has helped him or her in unlocking their creative side. Why don’t you hop over and have a read. Don’t be shy to add your step if it isn’t mentioned there! We all can only benefit! See you there 🙂


photo (6)Gudrun is a therapist, author, and life-long explorer of the mysteries of the human mind. She is retiring from mental health and trauma work and has published now her first book Delicious Love Forever.  She is passionate about applying the Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, as formulated by the late Sydney Banks, not only to her books but also to everyday living situations.



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