Bonds Of Love ~ A Prequel

From author Gudrun Frerichs comes the novella of four young women as they come together forming and strengthening their commitment to stand beside each other no matter what life throws at them. Each contributes their own unique qualities to the others’ lives and growth.

This is the prequel to the GOLDEN GIRLS SERIES. We join the twenty-four-year-old friends and find out what happens and how their lives transformed leading to a bond that not only lasts but also is strengthened throughout the coming decades. Each book in the GOLDEN GIRLS SERIES can be read as a standalone.

Anna returns home from traveling abroad for several months bringing news to the student flat that changes the plans and aspirations of her and her three friends. They won’t be able to maintain their carefree student life. We witness her struggle to follow her goal and become a lawyer, a goal she cannot achieve without the help of her friends.

Thea was the first of the friends who married. With a three-year-old daughter and a domineering husband, she battles insecurities and self-doubt. Did she make the right choice when she married at nineteen years of age? Is her husband right when he tells her all will be well if she deals with her problems with a therapist?

Christine, the budding psychologist, has found the love of her life in Stefan. Although apparently confident and strong, she has moments of feeling not good enough to join his wealthy family. All they need is the approval of his parents, a step Stefan hesitates to take.

Claudia, short of finishing her nursing training, is worried that love and romance are dwindling in her relationship with her long-time partner Howard. Will they overcome the inertia and be able to fulfill both their dreams of finding a place of their own and starting a family?

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