I’ve always been a storyteller and passionate reader. Who knows me can vouch I am crazy about romance. Though in the last few years, I struggled to find romantic fiction I could relate to. I swear I’m not going to touch another romance featuring a hero and heroine in their twenties or early thirties. Unfortunately, books telling the stories of characters my age are terribly hard to find.

The fact is, people who are past fifty, sixty, and yes, even seventy have not stopped loving, longing, dreaming of adventure, and–dare I say it–having sex.

So this is the group of people I am writing about. The gray foxes, the Judy Dench’s and Helen Mirren’s of this world. Even though people like Diane Keaton are currently the main player in Hollywood, I hear all the time “Writing about old folks doesn’t sell.” I beg to differ. I can’t imagine that a whole bunch of baby boomers enjoy lapping up love stories about people the age of their grandkids.

I’d love you to help me prove these naysayers wrong.

The Golden Girls Series is about four friends who live in Auckland. All have successful, professional careers, family, and discover a thirst for living as they approach the golden sixties. Anna, Thea, Christine, and Claudia have each a book to their name. We join them in their search for happiness and meaning as they face the challenges of new relationships and overcoming legacies of their past.