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Impact Of Early Childhood Stress

For psychotherapists working with people who struggle with the legacies of an abusive and/or traumatic childhood, it is no news that people are affected way past their childhood years. It’s good to see that research is coming to the party and provides scientific evidence for the long-term struggles people have. “The immune system is not

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Why Am I Passionate About the Three Principles?

Often people ask me why I am so passionate about the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness. Obviously, understanding the principles is not a fool proof safe guard from life’s disappointments: The understanding doesn’t protect us from making mistakes, getting overwhelmed by strong feelings misunderstanding people, or becoming disheartened by circumstances in our lives. We are

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How can I stop negative Feelings?

I am running about 15 courses each year, basically addressing how we think, feel, and behave often in ways that don’t serve us – instead getting us into some form of trouble. And each time we unpack how negative feelings, feeling bad, stressed, or depressed actually harm not only our physical body but our relationships, our

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Interview: Relationships and the 3 Principles

When you feel passionate about something you probably like to talk about it. Well, I certainly do. So it was a great day for me when Donna K. Fitch, author of ‘Second Death’ interviewed me about writing the book ‘Delicious Love Forever’, what made me write about relationships and combine my understanding of the 3 Principles

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3 Main Areas of Stress and How to Deal With Them

Today I am visiting my friend Jan Moore’s blog on my virtual book tour and talk about the problem of STRESS. Jan’s passion is an interesting one: How women from the baby boom period can still be productive yet work in a job that is ‘right’ for us. Working on our own terms! It’s worth

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