5 Ways to Spend a Winter’s Day

Winter is coming to an end, but the weather forecasters already promised a cold, wet weekend ahead. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting with your favourite¬†buddy close to the fireplace and enjoy whatever you are doing with a cup of hot chocolate? (Steffie and Sorcha asked “Is there anything else?). Yes, we should listen more often to our pets! Continue reading “5 Ways to Spend a Winter’s Day”

Get Swept Away to a Place of Relaxed Being

Have you ever wondered how you can relax? You will have heard about tapes that help you to get into a relaxed state – but usually you can't find it the moment you need it.

Here is some good advice. Relaxation is something that you need to practice. Ideally you practice it every day for maybe 5 min at a time. So when you are getting stessed and start 'losing it', you only have to remind yourself of 'relaxation' and you'll go immediately into the relaxed state, because your mind remembers it from your weeks of exercising.

Don't take my word for it – try it out for yourself. But remember, you have to practice at least for a month every day. Watch the following video and let me know how that was for your.


The following is a simple self-hypnotic relaxation exercise. You don't need to prepare for it in any particular way – just create a space for 10 – to 15 minutes 'time out'.

Make sure that you are comfortable, either on the bed, the floor, or the sofa. Switch off the radio, phone, or anything else that could distract you in the next wee while.

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