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I always was fascinated by languages. As a child I wondered how people could possibly understand each other talking gibberish. Later in life I found I loved the peculiarities of different languages. Thinking of the word ‘good’ for example, how different it sounds in other languages: good, bene, bien, gut, bra, iyi, okuhle, bom, god! It is similar with having guest authors coming to visit my website on their virtual book tour. It’s interesting to see how we all have a similar message – only expressed in another language.

Today I am excited to host Helena Kalivoda who talks with us about Laissez faire. Helena shares with us her experiences from her spiritual journey – wisdom to be treasured and taken to heart! Helena is happy to answer any question you may have – so go ahead and use the comment section below for that!

“Laissez faire” is the motto of those who know.

They know that those who are set in their ways do not want to be corrected. They need to become aware on their own. When their realization becomes complete, they will correct their ways in the manner most appropriate for them.

Laissez faire is the way of letting them come to their own conclusions. Such is the nature of humanity. No pushing or prodding is adequate in terms of learning. All that they do is of their own accord. However, this does not discount the need for teachers and guidance. Once a person becomes aware of his or her fallibility and decides to change, he may seek those who will guide him.

You Decide

Salvation, an act of God’s mercy, does not exist in the sense it is portrayed on Earth. Salvation starts with you. You decide to correct, you decide to add or subtract. Once the possibility of your staying with your decision is evident, the universe takes notice. Once it is certain that you have staying power, the universe delivers. Thus the power of your decision comes into play. No one else can change your own situation. Unless you are ready to change and take that step in your mind, the universe will not provide any clues. Unless you provoke it, it will not remember you.

Love What You Do, and Be Consistent

Always ask questions. Always ask for that which you require. Be consistent in asking, without wavering. Eventually, when it is clear that you are sincere in desiring some solution, it will arrive. Such is the power of concentration. Such is the power of focusing on the subject of your love. Love what you do and you will succeed. Love what you do. If you do not, energy dissipates. Energy evaporates. That is how it is all the time. Anything not of your interest and focus will not be supported enough and will disappear.

Your consistency, your true love and dedication to the cause for which you are working is a must. It is a must until you succeed. That is how growth is accomplished. That is how acceleration occurs. At a certain point, the vibration surge overtakes you and you take a conscious leap. This is a so‐called qualitative step, or jump, if you wish.

The Choices Are Yours

So, the choices are yours. The choices are not given but taken. You choose which way you go. You choose which way you continue to go. Your choices do not bind you to anything. You are always free to make changes. If you think your choice does not serve you any more, then make another. This is applicable to all in your life. Your partners, your home, your relationships of any kind. Make changes to meet your satisfaction at any time. That is what you do when they do not fulfil you anymore. Change your reality and you will have new events in your life. Change the events and you will have a new reality.

But What Is Real?

All is connected. All is one. Therefore, by choosing a new reality you do not become disjointed from the one you experienced before. You only modify your feelings toward it and from your new point of view, from your new perception, you see and experience it differently. You believe that the change is real.

But what is real? That which you see are just ideas. Ideas of yourself and others materialized into shapes, bodies, sky, skyscrapers. All that you see is chimerical. It is maya, or illusion. If there are enough consistent thoughts, they bind the formless into solid matter. That is how your reality is created. It is your reality based on your thoughts.

Know that all is manageable. Know that you are creator of all the events and situations in your life – the choices are always yours.


gudrun 1st bookThe above post is an abridged extract from my first book, AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling. In this book I share the teachings and words of wisdom I receive from my spirit guides. AWAKEN! is a call to live from our hearts, to realize we are creators of every event that happens in our lives and to take responsibility for all that occurs to us. – Helena Kalivoda


gudrun helenaAward Winning Author Helena Kalivoda, writes books that are inspired by her Soul. She takes you on a spiritual journey that combines her experience, wisdom and your desire to know more about yourself into books that are a must have for your collection.
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A Model Of Change

Normal_change0 Many people want to make changes in their lives. Change can have many faces, but no matter what change people aim for, it's always a difficult process. Whether you want to loose weight, stop smoking, exercise regularly, stop eating sugar, or leave a relationship changing is always much more difficult than people anticipate. 

Often people get angry with themselves for not sticking with 'the programme' or they suffer criticism or 'friendly' teasing from friends and family members who can't understand that the person won't stick with their decision.

I thought the following stage model of change from Prochaska and DiClemente  might be a useful piece of information to help people in their process of Change. My advice: don't be too hard on yourself. Change is a process that often goes back and forth. It may have distinct stages, but don't expect to manage them in a clear line. As always: Self-compassion goes a long way.

Stage of Change


How can you help and encourage the person ?


currently considering change: "Ignorance is bliss"

lack of readiness

decision is theirs

re-evaluation of current behavior

self-exploration, not action

and personalize the risk of not changing


about change: "Sitting on the fence"

considering change within the next month but getting emotionally ready to implement change

lack of readiness

decision is theirs

person to look at the pros and cons of behavior change

and promote new, positive outcome expectations that will come with change


Person has some
experience with change and is trying to change:

"Testing the
waters"  – preparation could be f.e. looking up information, saving money,

to act within 1month

and assist in problem solving re: obstacles

patient identify social support

that patient has underlying skills for behavior change

small initial steps


Change has been made and new behavior needs to be practiced. This takes about 3-6 months.

People need a lot of support and encouragement in this phase.


on restructuring cues and social support

self-efficacy for dealing with obstacles

feelings of loss and reiterate long-term benefits


commitment to sustaining new behavior

months to 5 years

for follow-up support

internal rewards i.e. feeling better, more self-confidence etc.

coping with relapse


of old behaviors: "Fall from grace"

trigger for relapse

motivation and barriers

stronger coping strategies