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Bonds of Love: A Summer Read

I like to know how things start. Context for me is like a scaffolding any story is hanging on, whether it’s the story about how I found my new pair of shoes or any other story. In fact, my family accuses me of starting with Adam&Eve every time I tell a story. I’ll never understand

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Interviewing Author of ‘Second Death’

If you like a good story with some twists and turns, and some spooky things, you will like Second Death by Donna K. Fitch. I have interviewed Donna to learn how she came to write the book, and how she manages writing with all the other commitments that come with having a family and a

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Unlock Your Creativity: Virtual Book Tour

What is creativity? Isn’t that an interesting and intriguing question? I believe that creativity can be found in many people and in many activities. Some say it’s the use of imagination to create something or produce something. THAT ‘something’ can be anything, starting from certain products on one hand to a lot of ways of

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