Movie Monday: Blue Lagoon – Paradise Lost

I love the movie BLUE LAGOON. I can’t remember when I saw it first, all I know is, we have it on our hard drive with Dutch subtitles. I must have recorded it on one of the old monster VCRs when we went to live in the Netherlands. My kids and I used to watch it on cold, rainy days. It was our ‘bad weather go to movie’. How often did we watch it? Your guess is as good as mine, but cold, rainy days were easy to come by in Holland and in New Zealand, where we moved to in 1988.

Nowadays, when it rains, I think about Blue Lagoon, but watching it without the kids is only half the fun. I have to wait until my grandchildren come for a visit. But somehow they can’t get as excited about them as their parents did. I guess, times change. For them, it has to be something with alien invasions and huge robots fighting even larger robots.

I can’t really get excited about all that fighting, chaos, and dead bodies lying around in pools of blood. It rather frightens me and gives me nightmares. I never watched the complete Jaws, or Titanic, and stopped watching Game Of Thrones after a couple of episodes. Growing up in the 50s in post war Germany, I’ve seen enough of wars, disasters, and atrocities that happened since then.

Film critics will frown at my choice of ‘Best Movie Ever’ but I don’t care. It is what it is. It’s not an accident that I became a romance lover and writer. Having written about the movie today, I can’t wait for the next cold, rainy day to visit my friends from Blue Lagoon again.

Bring on the bad weather!



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