Gudrun Frerichs is a retired psychotherapist and full-time writer. She is passionate about challenging stereotypes and the invisibility of older women, giving them a voice in romantic novels and showing the rich life they lead. Of German origin, she lives with her family in New Zealand, her home for the last 30 years.


Doesn’t it sound exciting, being an Advanced Reader? Until a few month ago I had no idea what that meant. Advanced Readers are people who get a FREE copy of a soon to be released novel and once they’ve read it, they give a review/feedback to the author.

So here I am looking for about ten people who would like to be part of my Advanced Reader group. If that is an interesting proposition for you,

I’d love you to put your name down HERE

As thanks, I’ll send everyone who puts her or his name down a signed paperback copy of my non-fiction book DELICIOUS MIND BODY AND SOUL, which is a combination of life-wisdom and healthy smoothies.



is the story of a woman in her late fifties, who is faced with life changing decisions when the past catches up with her… in the form of a gorgeous Italian vineyard owner! Read more here:

available now on Amazon

A Review by B.Puls

I do not usually read love stories, not even fiction- really. I read nonfiction writing related to my academic work. I started reading this little romance book by accident, really. And I didn’t want to stop. I was “hooked” into the plot.

There was a tension and a nice level of excitement in the plot that even though of course I knew they will get married eventually I needed to read the journey to it. I liked the attractive, intelligent and human characters of the story. I liked the interesting bridging between New Zealand and Italy and recognising some places that I know from my own experiences. I could agree with some very sensitive comparisons between the countries. And, most of all, I just felt that I was in Tuscany. I felt its warmth, its beauty, its foods, and smells. I was right there, almost part of the plot. These people could have been my friends, and I would not mind at all to be invited to stay with them in their mansion and be part of their lives. : )

I highly recommend this lovely light book that combines a great crime story with romance writing and with a good travel story. Great little mini holiday from my dense factual readings… : )


Read more reviews here: 

Press Release: New Release: Delicious Mind, Body, and Soul

Recipes for Pampering Yourself Back to Health

In many ways, life has never been easier for us, yet people struggle terribly with stress-related health issues. Stress is considered the #1 health hazard of our time. It impairs people’s relationships, self-confidence, jobs, physical, and mental health. The question asked most often is “how can I stop this?”. The answer to this very simple, yet challenging question can now be found in the book written by Dr. Gudrun Frerichs Delicious Mind, Body, and Soul: Recipes for Pampering Yourself Back to health.



This is NOT a self-help book. You won’t find 5,7, or 11 steps to follow that will bring you miraculously loving relationships, self-confidence, or happiness. There are no “Steps” that bring lasting relief from stress, distress, and emotional turmoil.

It’s a holistic guide offering inspirations for 10 days of yummy, healthy home-spa-retreat indulgence on a budget. Each day we follow a person and learn how he or she resolves a particular emotional problem such as stress, depression, or low self-confidence for example. We also look at a range of activities for self-care and physical wellness. The recipe section introduces healthy smoothies with many health benefits to kick-start your way back into health. Indeed, a holistic and nutritious ‘meal’ that feeds mind, body, and soul!

Expect common sense and wisdom based on the premises that we all create our own, personal reality through the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, simple concepts people can easily apply in their lives. The book answers how to use these principles given to each and every one of us and experience more joy, peace of mind, love, and happiness.

For 25 years now, Gudrun Frerichs, Ph.D., has directed Psychological Resolutions Limited, a company that offers coaching for professional development.

Delicious Mind, Body & Soul

is currently undergoing extensive editing and will be available again in 2017


Delicious Love Forever

The need to love and be loved is in our DNA and yet many people struggle with their relationships. ‘Delicious Love Forever’ is filled with common sense, wisdom, and simple concepts to help readers to get in touch with their innate ability to create lasting, loving relationships. Besides presenting these concepts complimented with some delicious tart recipes, the book also tackles the cause of relationship problems and offers solutions people can quickly try out for themselves. A holistic ‘meal’ that feeds mind, body, and soul!

Press Release:

Delicious Love Forever: Recipes for Lasting, Loving Relationships

Even though the need to love and be loved seems to be imprinted in our DNA people struggle with their relationships. All individuals want their relationships to last. The big question is “how.” The answer to this very simple, yet challenging question can now be found in the book written by Dr. Gudrun Frerichs Delicious Love Forever: Recipes for Lasting, Loving Relationships.

There are many issues that might come up during a maturing relationship. It is the reason why Gudrun wrote a book that discusses love and how it can be maintained or revived again after all the challenges encountered along the way. Delicious Love Forever: Recipes for Lasting Loving Relationship describes a way one can keep a loving relationship vital with simple, easy to understand concepts based on the three principles of the mind, thought and consciousness that describe how people create their personal reality.

It’s a book written filled with wisdom, common sense and most important of all, simple concepts people can apply in their love life and make their relationship last. The emphasis is on love, compassion, and kindness as the cornerstones of loving, meaningful relationships – not just among couples but in all relationships people engage in. It is a unique book since each chapter is paired with a delicious tart recipe for ‘those romantic moments.’

For 25 years now, Gudrun Frerichs has directed Psychological Resolutions Limited, a company that offers individual counseling sessions along with workshops and seminars for personal growth, spiritual and professional development. These experiences led her to pen Delicious Love Forever.

Delicious Love Forever

is currently undergoing extensive editing and will be available again in 2017

About the Author

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Gudrun is a therapist, author, and life-long explorer of the mysteries of the human mind. Born on an idyllic fisher island in Germany, she lives now in New Zealand. After 25 years of working in mental health and trauma recovery, she is retiring from clinical work and has published now her first book Delicious Love Forever.

Gudrun has studied in Germany, New Zealand, and the United States and holds diplomas in Business Administration, Gestalt, and NLP, a Masters degree in psychotherapy, and a Ph.D in Health and Environmental Sciences.




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