3 Main Areas of Stress and How to Deal With Them

Today I am visiting my friend Jan Moore’s blog on my virtual book tour and talk about the problem of STRESS. Jan’s passion is an interesting one: How women from the baby boom period can still be productive yet work in a job that is ‘right’ for us. Working on our own terms! It’s worth

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Interviewing Author of ‘Second Death’

If you like a good story with some twists and turns, and some spooky things, you will like Second Death by Donna K. Fitch. I have interviewed Donna to learn how she came to write the book, and how she manages writing with all the other commitments that come with having a family and a

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A Beautiful Mind

Ah, I loved that movie. What a moment when it becomes clear that the oddness and social awkwardness is not all there is, but that his mind is perceiving things that are not shared by others. What we forget is that this is true for all of us. The beauty of the movie is to

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Our Thoughts Create Our World

As part of my ‘virtual book tour’ where I introduce my new book Delicious Love Forever: Recipes for Lasting, Loving Relationships, I have written about how thoughts create our world for my friend Linda’s blog. That our thoughts create our world – like our concept of time for example – is of course not something

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Resonance sets the tone in your relationships

The interesting part of a virtual book tour is that the reader is presented with a wide range of topics and ideas, sometimes viewed from a different angle than they are used to from. To learn something new we need to be able to view a situation from all sorts of different angles. Today I

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Unlock Your Creativity: Virtual Book Tour

What is creativity? Isn’t that an interesting and intriguing question? I believe that creativity can be found in many people and in many activities. Some say it’s the use of imagination to create something or produce something. THAT ‘something’ can be anything, starting from certain products on one hand to a lot of ways of

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