Hi there,

Most people know me as Gudrun Frerichs, the psychotherapist and trauma specialist. Sorry guys, I took that shingle down five years ago. I am retired (it’s a blast, who would’ve thought) and spend my days with all sorts of frivolous splashes of nothing. That’s not quite true. I am writing contemporary women’s fiction now! Go figure!

It’s soon coming up to thirty years that we arrived in rainy, freezing cold Auckland. Expecting subtropical climate to mean it’s warm and most people wear a banana skirt, it took us weeks to get over the disappointment. And although the first impression was…@#%$&*$#*@…we soon fell in love with jandals, beaches, kiwi burger (I love the tune), Taumarunui, bbq’s, baches, All Blacks, Silverferns, fish&chips, and the gorgeous, amazing, never seen before, never to be repeated vistas only New Zealand offers.

After over twenty-five years as a psychotherapist, I have seen incredible hardship and suffering AND incredible courage in the face of adversity. People are amazing and have the capacity to be super, super awesome. I like to celebrate that awesomeness because every character I am writing about has struggles, heartaches, and hopes I’ve seen in many of the courageous women who–against all odds–had the guts to trust a stranger with their terrors and fears.

So armed with a box of chocolates, a laptop, a cup of Earl Grey or the occasional glass of Merlot, I amuse myself playing God and have the characters in my books overcoming dangerous obstacles to find their Happy Ever After. And finding it, they will. After all, I’m writing romantic suspense!

Today I drove a friend over the Rimutaka Hills to Grey Town. I am still stunned by the beauty of the land. It’s God’s own country all right! There can be no doubt.