5 Ways to Spend a Winter’s Day

Winter is coming to an end, but the weather forecasters already promised a cold, wet weekend ahead. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting with your favourite buddy close to the fireplace and enjoy whatever you are doing with a cup of hot chocolate? (Steffie and Sorcha asked “Is there anything else?). Yes, we should listen more often to our pets!

Some people don’t know what to do with themselves–thankfully I am not plagued with that affliction. I belong to those people who work all the time. Work. Work. Work. I’m afraid it’s a German affliction. A whole nation suffering from OCD as it were: Obsessively Compulsively Doing things all the time. We get that by osmosis, I’m afraid. (That doesn’t mean there are no lazy people in Germany. There are but you have to look hard for them.)

But I figured over the years, there are other ways of spending one’s days–especially one’s weekends. All of them involve Hot Spiced Chocolate. You see where this is going? 

See the recipe at the bottom of this page!

  • Movie Marathon
    I used to love going to the video-shop and come home with a stack of 5 videos I want to watch. A pity they have more or less disappeared. There is not even one in Petone anymore, and Petone has plenty of all other shops. But with my loaded hard drive, Netflix, skype, and the local TV-stations, there is no shortage of movies. For me, it has to be something with a happy ending. Although yesterday I watched Shawshank Redemption… but then there’s a happy ending too…and I love when the underdog wins.
  • Reading a Book
    Reading a book is on a par with watching movies. I have to say, though, that I do movies simply for pleasure. With reading, I have ulterior motives. Firstly I read for pleasure, secondly, I read to learn about people’s writing style. When I get my hands on an interesting book, I’m lost for the world. I curl up on the sofa and read, a cup of hot chocolate always in reach!
  • Walking the Dog
    This is the healthiest option, but it involves getting wrapped up in warm clothes and leave the house. We are lucky and live in a semi rural, small village. There are lots of beautiful walks around the Hutt Valley and Wellington. I refuse to walk when it rains (that’s a movie day), but I do walk as often as possible… after all, I’m going to Spain to walk the Camino in May next year. One has to be in shape for that.
  • Meeting Friends
    What can I say? The options for catching up with friends are endless. My place, your place, in town for a coffee, going out for drinks, meeting for lunch, going shopping together (I love shopping together) or going to the movies!
  • Working
    Working is not punishment when you love what you’re doing. When it comes to working, my favourite is writing, or better, everything to do with writing including research and dare I say editing? Yes, I love it. The other thing I love is DECLUTTERING. Give me a room, a wardrobe, a tool-shed, or a writing desk to declutter and I am soldiering on with gusto. Less attractive but very good for the soul is gardening. I love it when the garden is nicely tended to, weeded, mulched, and pruned as it should. My garden loves it, too. Am I a good gardener? Far from it.

So, that’s me for today! I’m off to get a hot chocolate now. Movie of the night will be Night at the Museum!

Hot Spiced Chocolate recipe







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