I am working at present on a series of romantic novels set in the exciting, subtropical New Zealand–maybe that’s not quite right because my heroines and heroes enjoy also a bit of traveling.


Antonio, a successful Italian vineyard owner, discovers on his visit to Auckland that he is the father of twenty-eight-year-old twins. Can he convince the twins’ mother, they could have a future together, and can they together discover who is responsible for their misfortunes?

Is it possible for two people to sacrifice what has been created through hard work for love?

‪Getting older has not always been kind…is it even possible or desirable…for two people on the cusp of retirement to come together. It’s complicated on so many levels.


I made a mood board for Anne’s and Tony’s story.  Have a look. Here are a few examples. Enjoy…and if you are curious, go and try some of the recipes. There is a stunning almond-peer-cake you have to try! Simply delicioso!