The Secret Weapon in Relationships: Kindness

As you may know, I have written a book about relationships and how to make them work. Over about 60 pages I have-in one way or other-emphasized the importance of kindness. Basically pointing out that if you bring kindness to your relationships, be they intimate ones, work relationships, friendships, or those with family members, you are well on your way to have lasting, loving, relationships.

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Delicious Love Forever

The need to love and be loved is in our DNA and yet many people struggle within their relationships. 'Delicious Love Forever' is filled with common sense, wisdom, and simple concepts based on the premises that we all create our own, personal reality through the 3 principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

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Delicious Mind, Body, and Soul

Using the concept of a Health-Spa-Treatment at home, “Delicious Mind, Body, and Soul: Recipes for Pampering Yourself Back to Health” offers inspirations for 10 days of yummy, healthy indulgence on a budget and introduces the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

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I am working at present on a series of romantic novels set in the exciting, subtropical New Zealand–maybe that’s not quite right because my heroines and heroes enjoy also a bit of traveling.


Antonio, a successful Italian vineyard owner, discovers on his visit to Auckland that he is the father of twenty-eight-year-old twins. Can he convince the twins’ mother, they could have a future together, and can they together discover who is responsible for their misfortunes?

Is it possible for two people to sacrifice what has been created through hard work for love?

‪Getting older has not always been kind…is it even possible or desirable…for two people on the cusp of retirement to come together. It’s complicated on so many levels.


I made a mood board for Anne’s and Tony’s story.  Have a look. Here are a few examples. Enjoy…and if you are curious, go and try some of the recipes. There is a stunning almond-peer-cake you have to try! Simply delicioso!


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